Aqua Moisturizer

  • Aqua Moisturizer
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Aqua Moisturizer 30ml

Our Marine Collagen Aqua Moisturiser enhances the skin’s clarity and increases softness. This luxurious brightening moisturiser contains deep sea water that thoroughy hydrates the skin, and give it a beautiful and translucent finish.

Uniquely formulated using deep Hawaiian sea water untouched by fishermen as the base of our series. This water is rich in deep-sea minerals that are essential to cellular metabolism and is a natural healer with high anti-oxidants that aids in the repair of all skin types. We also utilise Sea Plankton Extract, which replenishes essential moisture in the skin. Collagen is renowned for improving skin elasticity and reducing the formation of deep wrinkles and fine lines. The inclusion of Marine Collagen Booster in our series helps stimulate collagen production and skin cell renewal. This collagen booster is the best source of collagen that resembles the human collagen most closely. Thus, it is easily absorbed by the skin for immediate effect, leading to firmer, younger looking skin!