Acai, the Antioxidant and Anti-Aging Powerhouse! In topical formulations, it can help protect the skin from environmental aggressors and delay the appearance of aging.

Acai berries can be atremendously healthy addition to your diet, and helps to increase heart health,aids in weight loss, as well as aiding in health issues relating to your skin,digestion, allergies, immune system, and energy levels. Furthermore, researchhas shown it to be one of the best sources of antioxidants, an aphrodisiac, abrain booster, and a great weapon against premature aging, cancer, andunexplained fatigue or exhaustion. Overall, this miraculous little berry canhave a huge impact on your health and happiness!     

Acai berries are one of thenewest and most popular organic solutions for a wide range of health concerns.Although it was first hailed as a miracle cure for dozens of illnesses anddiseases, leading to wide skepticism about its actual impact on health,research has now been done to back up some of those claims, and it is beingactively used by alternative medical practitioners.

Acai berries come from theacai palm, widely found in the Amazon Basin. It represented a major staple foodof the indigenous tribes, and its nutritional value made it vital to theiroverall health, sometimes making up more than 25% of their food volume intake.

The recent popularization ofthe acai berry throughout the world in alternative medical use and dietarysupplements threatens the availability of the berry for the locals, althoughexperts have proposed that the palm is easy enough to grow, and maintains twohealthy crops per year, so the supply shouldn’t run out. The acai palm andberry belong to the Euterpe genus and there are eight major species, primarilygrown in swamps and floodplains.

The different varieties areoften said to have different benefits, with the white acai berries not beingnearly as potent as potent or powerful as the dark red or purple varieties. Theberry has a large seed in the middle which makes up approximately 80% of thefruit, but the remaining endocarp, pulp, and skin all contain beneficialnutrients and can be widely used in juices, dietary pills, salads, as well as agood livestock food source to promote animal health. Traditionally, the leavesare also used to make mats, hats, brooms and roofing material for thatchedhomes.

Nutritional Value of AcaiBerries


Acai berry is a rich invitamins and minerals. It contains vitamin A, E and vitamin C.  Amongst minerals acai berries containcalcium, iron, potassium and sodium.

Skin Health: The antioxidantproperties of acai berries have been well-documented, and the relationshipbetween antioxidants and skin health is well known. Acai oil is frequently usedin modern cosmetic products because the antioxidants in the oil can relieveirritation and redness and moisturize the skin. Also, if acai berries areingested, they can give the skin a healthy, attractive glow. In fact, inindigenous populations of Brazil, the pulp of the acai berry has been used forgenerations to treat or reduce a number of skin conditions and diseases.

Premature Aging: One of themost important medical qualities of acai berries is its ability to slow downthe aging process in people, due to its high levels of antioxidants.Antioxidants remove the free radicals that cause the breakdown of skin, hair,teeth, and eye health that is so often associated with premature aging. Regularconsumption of acai berry juice or the application of acai oil to certaintopical areas of the skin can help reduce the damaging effects of freeradicals, reduce tooth and hair loss, prevent wrinkle formation, and slow downthe effects of macular degeneration and cataract formation. Cellular oxidativedamage and various types of inflammation can also be reduced with frequent useof acai berries, although the specific components of acai berries has not beenidentified that give it such potent health abilities. Finally, in terms ofbrain health and function, acai juice has been linked to increased mentalfunction and sharpness of mind.



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